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Swimming goggles can not only help us maintain a clear vision in the water but also protect our eyes. Let’s learn how to choose swimming goggles to make swimming more comfortable.

1: Try it before you buy it! 

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When purchasing swimming goggles, it is best to try them on. When we put on swimming goggles, we should pay attention to two points:

  • Whether the frame of the mirror can fit closely to our facial muscles.
  • When wearing swimming goggles, you should be able to feel some suction around your eyes.

✔️ If the swimming goggles can fit our facial muscles and the eyes can feel some suction, the swimming goggles are suitable for our face shape. 

✖️ If we choose a swimming goggle that doesn’t fit well, the goggles will easily get water in or even fall off when swimming.


2: Material of Swimming Goggles

After we choose swimming goggles that perfectly our face, we also need to take a look at the material of the swimming goggles. The materials of each part of the swimming goggles will affect the life of the goggles and the feeling when using them.

  • The elasticity of the rubber strap should be good.
  • The rubber ring inside of the swimming goggles should be soft and comfortable. 
  • If the nose pad between the swimming goggles is not adjustable, then choose a goggle that fits the width of your nose bridge.
  • Choose anti-fogging swimming goggles. 

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3: Choose the Right Mirror color

The mirror color of swimming goggles is also very important, and the selection is mainly based on indoor or outdoor pools. Choosing the incorrect mirror color may make swimming uncomfortable.

If you often swim in outdoor pools with strong sunlight, it is recommended to choose black lenses or reflective mirror lenses. If you are in an indoor swimming pool with dim light, you should get transparent lenses or light-colored lenses.

4: Maintenance and Storage of Swimming Goggles

Maintaining your swimming goggles is very important. Properly maintained goggles will give you the best experience and comfort when swimming. Here are the few steps you should follow to maintain your swimming goggles:

  • Keep the mirror surface clean and avoid contact with oily products (such as sunscreen lotion).
  • Rinse with cold water after each use.
  • Please dry the goggles in the shade after rinsing them. 
  • Put the goggles back into the storage box or outer bag after drying.

By following the above steps, you’ll be able to choose the perfect swimming goggles for you. Contact us if you need any suggestions or tips related to swimming.

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