Our Services

Private Lessons

One-on-one attention with the instructor – our most popular option

Semiprivate Lessons

Instruction for the siblings of similar age or ability; or maybe the friend or neighbor you’d like to coordinate with

Group Lessons

Instruction for more than two swimmers at the same time – popular for neighbors and friends

Online Lessons

Not near one of our instructors? No problem! We’ll conduct your private lesson completely online with video chat.

Realtime Feedback

Above-and-below the surface video footage offered with all services; great opportunity for competitive swimmers and adult beginners

Pool Sharing

Allow your instructor to teach other lessons out of your pool for a personalized discount on your own lessons

Video Analysis

Record yourself swimming and send it to us for a detailed analysis of your technique.


The opportunity to have your before-and-after footage compiled into a video with your instructor’s feedback and drill examples


Our personal recommendations for all the tools you’ll need to be a successful swimmer – kick board, fins, goggles, practice suit, etc.

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