Private Swimming Lessons in Austin

Private, Semi-Private, Group & Online Swimming Lessons for Adults, Kids, Infant & Toddlers. Most experienced instructors in Austin, Texas. 

Learn Swimming From The Most Experienced Swim Instructors in Austin

We have the best in the class and the most experienced swim instructors who have swum and coached all levels of a swimmer from the beginner to the elite college competitors. Our instructors are experienced in adult swimming lessons, infant & toddler swimming lessons, beginner swimming lessons, competitive swimmers and much more. 

Our Swim Programs

Infant & Toddler Swim Lessons

We have dedicated instructors who have years of experience in teaching infants & toddlers. It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to safely handle children at such a young age. Teaching swimming to infants & toddlers at such a young age is a great way to make sure they grow up without the fear of water. 

Kids Swim Lessons

Swimming is the most important lesson kids can learn in their life. We make sure that kids have fun while learning the great skills of swimming. They will want to learn swimming from our friendly each and every day! 

Adult Swim Lessons

Are you an adult who still cant swim? Don’t worry! We can teach you swimming in matter of weeks or even days. Our elite instructors have thought hundreds if adult swimming lessons in Austin area. No matter your age, we have the best methods to get you swimming like a pro in matter of time. 

Why Choose Us?

1-on-1 Private Swim Lessons

By choosing our Private Swim Lesson package you get complete attention and time of our elite instructor. The same instructor will stay with you for every single lesson.

Flexible & Affordable

Flexibility of scheduling lessons with a single person rather than a company or organization. More affordable prices than the surrounding teams and schools.


A more convenient way to get your kids swimming lessons in Austin. Instructor comes to your house so you don’t have to load the kids up in the car.

Lessons for All

No pool? No problem! We also teach out of complex pools, neighborhood pools, or public pools. Everyone gets a lesson!

Realtime Feedback

The advantage of your swimmer receiving realtime video feedback from above and below the surface.

Relationship & Trust

Build a relationship with a single instructor rather than having your child assigned to a new stranger every week.

Nowhere Else

Opportunity to see before and after videos of your swimmer’s progress. A compiled video with your coach’s explanation of drills and methods used.


Online swimming lessons for areas we are not located such as different cities, states, and countries.

Professional Videos

Professional video production from associated partners such as “Orcawill Studios” and “Lane 17 Productions” with unlimited views and shares.

Get Started Today With Rocket Swimming!

Get swimming lessons in Austin from the best instructors out there. Our teaching methods are proven to be effective after feedback from hundreds of clients over the years. Our instructors have years experience and knowledge regarding every problems swimmers face. We have very unique and proven methods to teach swimming that will make you a pro-swimmer in matter of weeks or even days! 

Our swim programs.

  • Private Swimming Lessons in Austin
  • Semi-Private Swimming Lessons in Austin
  • Group Swimming Lessons in Austin.
  • Adult Swimming Lessons in Austin.
  • Kids Swimming Lessons in Austin.
  • Online Swimming Lessons all over the world!

Watch Our Videos

We Teach Why

Jonny Rocket has always believed it’s important to not just tell someone what to do, but also teach them why we do it. When you know why you’re doing something, you’re more inclined to do it really well! Understanding why you’re doing something helps motivate you to do your best. This philosophy leads to faster, more permanent progress.