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Cutting Edge

The newest methods from around the world for every age group and stage of a swimmer’s journey.

Highest Quality

Best swimming lessons taught by the most elite private instructors and coaches in the business.

Video Feedback

Realtime video feedback for swimmers and parents. Above and below the surface.


We’ll come to you. No pool? No problem! Everyone gets a lesson!

Private Swimming Lessons

Elite Swimmers

Adult Beginners

The Rocket Swimming Advantage

One-on-One Attention

Premier private instruction in the greater Austin area. Experienced instructors who have swum and coached all levels of a swimmer’s journey from the beginner to the elite college competitor.


A more convenient way to get your kids swimming lessons. Instructor comes to your house so you don’t have to load the kids up in the car.

Nowhere Else

Opportunity to see before and after videos of your swimmer’s progress. A compiled video with your coach’s explanation of drills and methods used.

Flexible & Affordable

Flexibility of scheduling lessons with a single person rather than a company or organization. More affordable prices than the surrounding teams and schools.

Relationship & Trust

Build a relationship with a single instructor rather than having your child assigned to a new stranger every week.

Lessons for All

No pool? No problem! We also teach out of complex pools, neighborhood pools, or public pools. Everyone gets a lesson!


Online coaching for areas we are not located such as different cities, states, and countries.

Realtime Feedback

The advantage of your swimmer receiving realtime video feedback from above and below the surface.

Professional Videos

Professional video production from associated partners such as “Orcawill Studios” and “Lane 17 Productions” with unlimited views and shares.

Austin’s Premier Private Swimming Lessons