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Competitive Swim Lessons & Training in Austin, Texas


Rocket Swimming offers advanced swimming lessons to competitive swimmers and training for triathletes. Swimmers hoping to refine their technique are in the right place as Rocket Swimming offers private competitive swim coaches who travel to your home or community pool.

Private Competitive Swim Lessons for Kids and Adults

Rocket Swimming’s private competitive swim lessons for stroke development offer an ideal environment where a qualified,private competitive swim coach near you is able to dedicate 100%of the pool time to improving your swimmer’s skills.In a private swim lesson,an instructor will be able to work on every aspect of a stroke and dedicate more time to the skills most needing attention.Private instruction also allows for repetitive practice.Consistent repetition is key to improving technique and is often the thing most missing from a swim team context.Also,private swimming lessons are not limited to just the actual strokes.Private lessons can also help your swimmer or triathlete with other skills such as flip-turns,dives,relay starts,racing strategy,underwater work,streamline positioning,triathlon training,stroke technique etc.

Private Swim Training

Private Swim Lessons offer unique benefits that a swim team cannot.First,the instructors at Rocket Swimming are required to meet a standard of expertise before they are able to teach with the brand.This means they must have,at a minimum,two prior years of teaching and swim lesson experience.Additionally,the vast majority of Rocket Swimming’s instructors come from a background of high level competitive swimming: NCAA and college swimmers, former coaches, and swimmers with more than a decade of competition under their belts. The result is a skilled cadre of private swim coaches ready and able to help your child or teen improve their swim stroke technique.

Second, swim teams or swim clubs are crowded! While swimming on a swim team will certainly help, the ratio of swimmer to coaches is often more than 25 to 1. During a swim team practice with a pool of 50+ swimmers, an individual will likely not be able to get the attention and time necessary to really improve their techniques. Swim team practices often focus more on yardage than technique and usually only dedicate a small portion of practices to improving the actual strokes. Coaches on swim teams have to develop a “one size fits all” approach to designing practices and can dedicate only a very small amount of attention to individual stroke improvement.

Private Swim Coach Near You

Additionally, private swim lessons effectively incorporate the best learning model for swim improvement: Explain, Demonstrate, Practice, Critique, and Re-practice.

Competitive Swimming Training With Rocket Swimming

The instructor can first Explain, or teach, the concept or skill the swimmer is about to work on. More importantly, the instructor can then Demonstrate that skill. While demonstrating, the instructor can point out proper form and pitfalls to avoid. The swimmer can then Practice the technique at their own pace and take as much time as needed. Because the instructor’s attention is fixed solely on the swimmer, he or she can then Critique the technique or skill and help the swimmer make adjustments. Once the swimmer is able to Re-practice that skill with those critiques in mind, real learning occurs.

With swim teams, those last two steps (which are the most important to the learning process) rarely happen. This is simply because a swim coach has too many demands on his or her attention. Private lessons are able to apply this model to any and every skill needing improvement.

Why choose Rocket Swimming for your Competitive Swim Training


If you’re looking for significant progress in a short amount of time,private swimming classes provide the personalized attention and consistency required.Working with top swim instructors means you’ll improve your swimming in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years.


Private competitive swim training near me! No more driving across town or interrupting your practice in a shared pool! With private swimming classes, you choose the location-your own pool, training pool, etc. and the day(s) of the week and the time. Our instructors come to you!


Whether you’re training for a triathlon,to pass your coastguard or Navy swim exams,or to increase your rankings in competitive swimming competitions,our specialized swim coaches will customize your lesson plans specific to your goals.


Instead of creating a “one-size-fits-all” approach,a private instructor can tailor practices to the swimmer’s specific needs.If things need to slow down to help solidify a concept,the coach can halt everything and create a new path.If a swimmer grasps something well,the coach will be able to capitalize on the momentum rather than cutting it short.

Hey, we are located in Austin, Texas. But our instructors can visit anywhere in United States of America.